Christopher + Amber (My Fair Wedding)

This year I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding that was part of the TV show "My Fair Wedding." I had no idea what to expect, but even if I had set the bar high, I doubt I could have imagined what I was in for. From the beautiful venue, to the multiple camera crews, to the phantom of the opera themed reception, this wedding was truly a night to remember. I wasn't hired to do a highlight video for this wedding, but after shooting it I just couldn't resist.


Venue :: Taglyan Ballroom

Photography :: Cantina Light Pictures

Cake :: Tasteful Cakes

Dress :: St. Pucchi


gman said...

Oh wow, that must have been a fantastic experience for you. I think if things had turned out different my wife and I would have started an event planning company. I love the kitchen and she loves telling me what to cook. No, seriously, I found your site because I am looking for ideas for a wedding theme like this because I’m giving my wife the dream wedding I couldn’t afford the first time. I re-proposed on New Year’s Eve after being inspired by this episode. It is kind of a funny story because I only watched the episode when I accidentally selected it instead of “Son’s of Anarchy.” I guess she recorded it because we used to sing songs from the musical when we were dating in college (music majors.) I am usually sneaking in some live sports on my iPhone when we’re shopping because of my DISH Network Sling Adapter. Luckily I saw this episode and now she’s the happiest woman alive. I heard about the Sling Adapter at work one day at DISH and I bought one the same day, only now, they are giving them free to new and existing customers. I think I’ll record more episodes to get a feel for this planning thing because I’m going to get a portfolio of choices for my wife to choose from, so I can save money and not have to get a planner. Your video is very well done by the way; you are obviously in the right career!

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