Who We Are

We are a Santa Barbara, California based husband & wife wedding videography team specializing in creating artistic and innovative wedding videos, with an emphasis on storytelling and cinematography.

June 4th, 2011 we tied the knot in Minnesota! After the wedding we moved back to California and we cannot even begin to list how many people came up to us and said, “Oh my gosh I loved your wedding video!  I have to say I watched it more than once….and made all my roommates watch it.  It was so amazing!”  Our wedding video became such a wonderful way to share our special day with everyone who was unable to attend, and to relive our special day.

A little bit of background….we met on a mission trip in Mexico when Mycah was 13 and Bobby was 14.  Later that year, our first date was at jamba juice….and now here we are…married!  Bobby discovered his love of cinematography in high school, and Mycah began with a love for photography.  However, as she fell more in love with Bobby, filming came along with it!

Redmond Digital Media is proud to sponsor Carolina, a 7 year old girl from Honduras through Compassion International