Here are a few comments from some of our recent clients!

"The best decision of my wedding (besides choosing my groom!) was to have Redmond Digital Media film our wedding. Don't get me wrong- I am OBSESSED with my wedding dress, but these videographers gave me something that nothing else in my wedding could. I had the perfect wedding and the second it was over I was wishing I could start from the beginning and do it all over again. These videographers allow me to relive the best day of my life over and over again, and that is what i am so thankful for.

When we first started planning our wedding we didn't think we needed a videographer. My parents especially thought it was a waste of money (and after seeing their video from 1985- I don't blame them!). But the second they saw the final product, they knew that what we got was priceless. The videographers are professional, fun, and know how the smallest of details can turn a good highlight video into one that will leave you in shock (or bring you to tears... in my case).

If I could give a bride any advice for her wedding I would tell her to use this company as your videographers. Because the most important part of a wedding is to remember everything about that special day- not just all the details, but all of feelings rushing through you. And Redmond Digital Media makes videos that capture all these feelings and moments that make your wedding so special."

         - Katie B.

"Redmond Digital Media was incredible. Their professionalism, creativity, and helpfulness made our wedding day that much more special and fun. Everyone told us that our wedding day would go by quickly and it did. Now we have unbelievable videos that capture every detail of that day so that we will remember it forever. The final product was a wonderful way to share with friends and family that couldn't make it to our wedding and a great remembrance for all that were there. We would recommend them to all!"

         - Kelsey E.

"1st of all, Bobby & Mycah are professional, flexible & very easy to work with. We felt so comfortable that we never really felt like we were "on camera." It was all very natural. We're also impressed by the aesthetic & technical quality of their work. They bring a hip, refreshing eye to a genre that's long been played out. Their editing & camera angles are artistic, clever, playful & crisp. Their finished product flowed beautifully & concisely captured all the big & warm subtle moments throughout the day. Everyone who's seen our video says it's the best they've ever seen. Just like us, they've laughed, cried, laughed again & then hit re-play :-) You won't regret hiring these two"

        - Marisela & Rick G.

"Bobby + Mycah of Redmond Digital Media were a complete joy to work with! I was so thrilled with their filming and the video they helped us to create! Not only are these two wonderful people inside and out but their films are awesome! I highly recommend working with Redmond Digital Media, you'll laugh, have a blast and be able to take home a sweet video that captured the memories of such an experience."

         - Nikki V.

"Bobby B, who I believe is out of Santa Barbara now, is an awesome choice. He was seriously so nice and helpful in the months leading up to the wedding and then the day of, you hardly know he's there. And that's pretty amazing when someone is filming you. My mom gushed about how he and his wife were the most professional pair the entire day. The stuck with us from morning hair to the final wave goodbye in the car and with each step their arty style showed through. It was just such a joy working with them to capture the wedding moments we will keep forever."

         - Tonya T.